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Welcome to peace plaza

Aspiring for true peace and tranquility and celebrating diversity and heritage, the Keeling-Puri Peace Plaza is located in Rockford, Illinois. It is easily accessible from I90 (Riverside Exit) west one-half mile to McFarland Road and south one quarter mile. The Peace Plaza is situated in a 2.5 acre park which also serves as a trailhead for Rockford’s 20 mile Perryville Path network of bicycle and recreational trails with an easy link to Rock Cut State Park located three miles north of the Peace Plaza.

Where Do We Find Peace?

“If we are to have real peace in the world, we must begin with the children.” Mahatma Gandhi.

We look to the children of the greater Rockford region to inspire us all to participate fully in the quest for enduring world peace. The Keeling Puri Peace Plaza is dedicated to support the young leaders of the Rockford Region as they work to create sustainable change. Our children have partnered with organizations such as Pennies for Peace , World Bicycle Relief, Kids Around the World, New Global Citizens and UNICEF finding local solutions to global and local problems.

day of peace celebration

2019 International day of peace

"Creating a New Way of Being"


Friday, September 20, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Keeling-Puri Peace Plaza 

Gilgamesh the King is the book chosen for 2019 International Day of Peace. The story of Gilgamesh was first carved onto clay tablets in Mesopotamia. Its message of compassion, forgiveness, and friendship has echoed through the ages from its origins over 5000 years ago. The people who lived in Mesopotamia discovered many things: irrigation, the wheel, the first codes of law, the 60-minute hour, and most importantly, writing. The Sumerians wrote the story in cuneiform, the first script in the world. Each class attending the International Day of Peace 2019 will receive a copy of the book for their classroom.

Gilgamesh Book Image

Guests include Dorothy Paige-Turner, Xavier Ramey, Lewis Lemon (David Causey), Jane Addams (Sue Crandall), Storytellers Megan Wells, and Jim May in addition to interactive peace-making activities.

View 2019 International Day of Peace Flyer

For more information email: connect2peacerockford@gmail.com

View our latest video on the International Day of Peace web page.